Combining practical features into a beautiful package is the ultimate goal of great design. The Allure™ blends free-flowing curves with a large comfortable spa and a spacious splash deck, all to create one luxurious swimming pool.

Truly a pool for the whole family, The Allure™ provides ample space to swim and play games while simultaneously providing the ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors.

The free form splash deck is a unique feature, which provides a spacious, shallow area that is perfect for introducing younger children to the joys of swimming without fear of deep waters. For others, it becomes a relaxing oasis, in which to lounge and mingle with the family.

Adjacent to the splash deck is a large integrated spa that creates an ideal place for practicing a variety of calm and comfortable healing routines. The spa has the option of being fully heated for maximum effect, but can also be adapted to overflow through spillways into the pool.

Wide steps lead from the splash deck down to the pool floor of the shallow end. The Allure™ also has a convenient swimout bench located at the deep end of the pool, as well as a small corner step to the far side of the spa.

Leisure Pools® has incorporated the most popular features into this pool design to create an Allure™ you just won’t be able to resist.

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