An element to good design is the ability to inspire possibilities and with The Eclipse™, we believe that we have captured just that. With gentle, free-flowing curves and a versatile size range, The Eclipse™ is sure to not only please the eye, but fit perfectly into your leisure lifestyle.

The Eclipse™ design yields unlimited possibilities for both landscaping and environment ideas. From the large body curve that can host a spa or water feature, to the smaller body curve that can provide the perfect spot for a landscaping centerpiece, you can let your biggest ideas come to life.

The design also boasts a unique form that supports elements such as a splash deck, swim nook, deep end swim out bench, and an unobstructed swim corridor.

A pool for all ages and abilities, the features of The Eclipse™ allow little ones to play safely on the large splash deck, avid swimmers to capitalize on the swim corridor, and for those wanting to relax, the ability to lounge on either the deep end swim out bench, or in the swim nook. Of course for a little more sun, the splash deck is the perfect place to soak in the summer rays.

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