Suitability and adaptability are the words that are most often used to describe our Riviera™ pool. This is a swimming pool design that seems to blend perfectly with any home style and any home site. Its beautiful flowing lines and free form design are a delight to landscape.

You can choose a tropical setting or combine the pool with rock landscaping and waterfalls, or use feature timber or even more formal paved areas. It doesn’t seem to matter as The Riviera™ always seems to be the perfect centerpiece for any landscape design.

Good looks is not the only feature of The Riviera™ as this style is truly a great pool for the family. The large, wrap-around bench at the shallow end is a great feature. Not only is it a play area for the kids but it’s just perfect for adult seating as well. The wide steps give access to the bench area and also to the floor of the pool. The main body of water is generous in size and ideal for playing games and swimming.

The Riviera™ is one of our most popular pools because it combines landscaping versatility with a functionality that will suit any family

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