Why does one particular design endure for centuries while others are soon forgotten? The timeless elegance of the classic Roman™ style swimming pool is as much in vogue today as it was in the days of Ancient Rome.

The Leisure Pools® Roman™ design is simple, practical and pleasing to the eye. The clever use of the rectangle and two semi-circles also unlocks unlimited possibilities for exciting landscaping concepts.

The Leisure Pools® Roman™ features broad entry steps at the shallow end and a seating area at the deep end. The seating area at the deep end can also be fitted with optional spa jets.

Leisure Pools® has maintained a pool width of 11’ 6” through all the sizes that The Roman™ offers. This has been done to enable the pool to fit into the many situations where pool width is critical. It does so without compromising the very balanced look that makes this pool so appealing.

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