There are numerous options to consider when customizing your backyard paradise. Leisure Pools® have found another rapidly-growing trend when it comes to enhancing your outdoor decor — the simple art of Wall Panels. Offering a unique and modern touch that allows you to separate and decorate your space around the pool, Wall Panels provide stylish, personalized privacy.

With the contemporary style and design of these panels, you will be able to use and enjoy a variety of comfortable and distinct spaces so you can entertain any number of activities. If your pool is in plain sight to a busy street, commercial building or school, these panels are the perfect separation. The contemporary style and design of these panels provides an attractive visual appeal that elevates your landscaping beyond the traditional fence or barrier.

The Wall Panels are available in two sizes and a range of colors to suit your home and backyard with additional personalization options. For more information ask your Leisure Pools® Representative.

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