As its name implies, The Courtyard Roman™ is the ideal centerpiece for that stunning courtyard setting. These days swimming pools are not just being seen as something great to swim in but also something great to look at.

With the Leisure Pools® Courtyard Roman™ as your starting point, just imagine the many interesting courtyard scenes that could be created around it.

Here is a pool that not only looks good, but also can be packed with features. This pool is ideal for a swim jet system with the jets being located between the two sets of steps at the shallow end. Swim jets will enable you to get a good work out swimming against the water rushing past you.

At the other end, in the curved seating area, you can install spa jets and even seat aeration to create that massaging hydrotherapy effect you get in a spa. The main body of the pool is great for playing games or simply relaxing and cooling off on hot summer days.

The Courtyard Roman™ is also suitable for relatively simple heating, enabling this entertainment area to be used all year round. Whether you use this pool as an entertainment area, exercise center, a relaxation area, or courtyard centerpiece, this versatile pool can make it happen.

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