As one of the world’s largest composite swimming pool manufacturers, we have developed a stylish and innovative range of swimming pools, in a variety of designs and sizes, with a multitude of features and benefits, so that we can provide you with the ideal Leisure Pools® swimming pool for your home. Coupled with great designs, we use state of the art production processes and superior raw materials, backed by in-house research and impressive stringent quality controls, to ensure that the quality of every Leisure Pools® swimming pool is the very best on the world market.

A pool style for every personality

From minimalistic and modern to freeform tropical escape, Leisure Pools offers a variety of fiberglass swimming pool shapes and sizes to suit all personal styles. Before taking the plunge, take a tour of the exciting collection of fiberglass swimming pools offered by Leisure Pools.


AquaGuard™: the art of the swimming pool.

The best color in the world is the one that reflects your lifestyle. The AquaGuard™ fiberglass pool color range allows you to stylize and customize your Leisure Pools swimming pool. Expressing yourself has never been easier with our premier gelcoat colors that not only catch the eye with their diamond-like sparkle but also set the standard for high quality UV, blister, and chemical resistance performance.

AquaGuard™ Color

Shimmer SKY

With our special edition, make a lasting impression on your backyard with Shimmer Sky. Its inherent shine and sparkle set the tone for an unforgettable day at the pool.

AquaGuard™ Color


Our most popular color selection due to its cool, refreshing appearance. A bold, vibrant color that invites you into its crisp waters.