Leisure Pools® is proud to introduce you to The Esprit™ that includes all of the great features of our Harmony™ pool but has been redesigned into a beautiful compact package that will fit almost any backyard.

The Esprit™ is a generous 18’ 8” long pool with enough space to swim and relax with a flat bottom depth that is under five feet.

The Esprit™ includes a long bench seat running down the length of the pool for convenient access and exit or to relax upon. The bench design also allows you to install The Esprit™ in very tight spaces next to the house or a boundary fence.

The Esprit™ is the perfect pool to have swim jets installed which allow you the benefit of swimming in a smaller space. It presents you with a rectangular corridor that invites leisurely swimming and exercise or the ability to add an exciting design element to your outdoor living environment.

The Esprit™ from Leisure Pools® – the full featured pool for a small space.

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