For centuries, people have recognized the rejuvenating healing powers of warm water. Today, Leisure Pools® takes an innovative approach to the art of warm water healing or hydrotherapy.

Spend just a few moments in the Leisure Pools® Almafi™ Spa and you’re likely to experience less stress, improved circulation, better sleep and fewer symptoms of arthritis and back pain.

The Leisure Pools® Almafi™ Spa has strategically placed jets and ergonomically correct seating to create an ideal place for practicing a variety of calming, comforting and healing routines.

The Almafi™ Spa is available in all the colors that are available for the pools, enabling you to color match your pool and spa combination.

The Almafi™ Spa Square is available with a spillover option which enables the spa to be placed next to the pool and having the water spill over from the spa into the pool creating a calming water feature effect.


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